Word Package and Outcome Ref.nr:  1.1


Title: Mapping Exercise: Trends un e-Learning in India and Europe


Type: Report


Description: This mapping exercise will provide a more profound background assessment of e-learning definitions, trends and practices in higher education in Europe and in India. It will consist of desk research and interviews with partner institutions and local and regional government officials and stakeholder organisations where relevant. The mapping will be a critical basis to establish a common terminology across the partner institutions (e.g.: what is e-learning and what activities does it entail?) and to provide a context for institutional strategy development in e-learning, and the various situations and to which this responds. The mapping report will be led by KTH and UB and consist of:

  •      – General e-learning trends in higher education, including how e-learning is defined by higher education institutions and the activities it encompasses
  •      – A clarification of the nature and scope of different types of e-learning tools, including the infrastructure and resources required to conduct them
  •      – A summary of current studies, initiatives and projects in e-learning in both India and Europe
  •      – A synopsis of e-learning strategies used by various higher education institutions and governments in India and in Europe. The exercise should include reference to literature (EUA
  •        ‘Trends’ report 2015, for example) and case studies from the European partner institutions



The report will be circulated to all partners for their comments and feedbacks, as well to EUA, an associated partner that has published extensively on e-learning in higher education. It will then be published electronically, in English, on the project website.


Due date: 15-02-2017


Languages: English


Target Groups:  Teaching Staff, Administrative Staff, Technical Staff


Dissemination Level: International