As a result of the three focus groups, a report was produced highlighting the main discussion points during these meetings. To dowload the report, please click here.

The report presents the main topics as obtained though the discussions and the presentations. The main topics were the following:

• Infrastructure, internet connectivity, speed, tools available, etc.
• Teaching Methodology, learning design and pedagogical models.
• Trainings Staff on all aspects of earning including how to design, develop, deliver and evaluate e-learning programs
• Network content creation, designing proper material and e-learning content that will lead to specific learning outcomes
• Programs accreditation – a critical issue in a lot of institutions and for accepting and adopting e-learning
• Other such as gender equality, access to e-learning programs from marginalized groups, etc.

MIELES’ partners agreed to draft their “institutional e-learning strategy” based on this report, on the information gained during the SWOT Analysis developed in WP1 and the e-learning strategy guide.