MIELES partners participated in a study visit hosted by the leader partner of the project – The University of Barcelona. The event took place last 30-31 May 2019 at the Institut de Formació Contínua– IL3, Barcelona, Spain. The study visit aimed at complementing the previous study visit at the TU Berlin in Berlin, Germany on 15-16 April 2019 by presenting the experience of one of the most reputed life-long learning (on line focused) institute of Europe: the IL3 of the University of Barcelona.

During two days, MIELES partners had the opportunity to get a glimpse on how a research university -like the University of Barcelona- implements and targets life-long learning and vocational education by dedicating a full institute to this mission. The visit also included presentations and debates on topics such as the relationship between e-learning strategies, vocational training and employability by bringing the private sector into the discussion.

The study visit had three main objectives:

  • To ofer a different perspective to the one offered by TU Berlin to the implementation of e-learning strategies at Higher Education institutions.
  • To discuss and foster more concrete joint experiences in e-learning content creation at different levels between partners in India and Europe
  • To follow up more closely the state of implementation of the e-learning strategies designed under the MIELES project and support Indian university partners in the pursue of cooperative strategies in  developing online content

In order to make the study visit more interactive, discussions and Q&A were held during the plenary sessions and break out groups organised.  In the first break out session carried out in the first day, IIndian universities had the opportunity to present the state of implementation of planned e-learning strategy in their respective institutions. In the second break out session, the discussion focused on planning future join e-learning programs between Indian and European Universities.  A visit to the IL3 and bi-lateral meetings with experts and professors at the University of Barcelona was organized in order to complete the study visit.

To check the programme of the study visit, please click here.