The Study Visit took place in Berlin last 15-16 April 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The visit’s main objective was to have an in depth look at how TU Berlin approaches e-learning holistically and to advance with the pilot exercises under the MIELES project framework.

During this two-day event participants had an opportunity to know how TU Berlin uses different e-tools and how they are promoted, including the administrative and legal aspects of the implementation of e-learning strategies. A recap of the SWOT analysis and strategies conducted during the MIELES project was presented by TU Berlin including the suggestions for future activities.  The MIELES partner Sapienza-Università di Roma, presented a practical case on e-learning platform by showing the different features of the Moodle function including activities and resources developed by the institution.

The study visit also allowed the participants to present the progress of their pilot exercises to discuss on how to enhance further cooperation amongst Indian partners taking into consideration different contexts. The event ended by presenting the next steps of the project, including the cooperation between the Indian partners (with direct feedback of European partners).

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