The next MIELES workshop scheduled next 5-6 October 2017 will be hosted by the international non-profit education center CARDET in Nicosia, Cyprus.

This event will gather more than 20 representatives from partner institutions, e-learning experts and policy makers in order to raise awareness for the importance of developing institutional strategies to guide e-learning. The results of the SWOT exercise in WP1 will also be discussed and assessed, as well as the recommendations by a group of experts will be presented.

The SWOT Analysis exercise aims to determine the overall state of play regarding e-learning in their institutions, their objectives and needs. This exercise will examine the present facets of their respective teaching and learning strategies and social outreach strategies, and assess how e-learning is contributing/may contribute.  A Step-by-Step guide on how Conducting an e-learning SWOT Analysis in Higher Education Institutions has been designed by CARDET, as a tool to can help Higher Education Institutions’ (HEI) identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats….

More information coming soon!