This workshop was held in the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden during the 8th and 9th of May, 2017.

The event gathered more than 20 participants from 8 different countries to discuss the e-learning trends, strategies and practices in Higher Education in India and Sweden. It was also an opportunity for partners to share and exchange ideas on research and innovation.

The meeting started with a welcome address exposed by Prof. Stefan Östlund, KTH Vice President for Global Relations and followed by the exposal of the main objectives of MIELES project and the introduction to Work Package 1. After the welcome and introductory session, the conference was followed by the presentation on e-learning trends and strategies in India.

MIELES’ partners also had the opportunity to work in small groups and discuss about e-learning strategies and practices focusing on issues such as social outreach strategies, the nature and scope of different e -learning tools as well as the general e-learning trends in Higher Education.

This workshop allowed participants to maximize discussions and interaction on innovation and research methods as well as to define the next steps of the project such as the development of work package 2: SWOT Analysis.

Documents & Presentations